Physiotherapy Exersices

Lower Back Pain Exercises

Back Pain and Back Pain Exercises Back Pain: A Deep Insight Back pain confesses to be the series of illness that initiates from the phase of dull pain migrating across the aches and seizes at the stage where the pain becomes hard enough to make gestures even. What causes the back pain to start is the result of something that ...

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Lower Back Pain

Lower Back pain is one of the commonest and most troublesome of complaints; its causes are legion and an exact diagnosis is often difficult. The disability with which it is usually associated is often severe and prolonged; therapy is often ineffective, and the anxious, impatient and dissatisfied sufferer often resorts to lines of treatment which are unproven, illogical and irrational. ...

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Screw Home Mechanism of the Knee

The point of feature is screw home system of the knee. What is screw home component of the knee joint? Screw mean interior and outer revolution of tibia and femur. in open chain and close chain kinematics the interior and outside turn is called screw and home means most stable condition of knee joint which is in terminal augmentation while ...

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