Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy

Clinical kinesiology and anatomy

Importance of this addition
This addition is considered necessary for those students who assist to physical therapist. First chapter of this book covers to basics of clinical kinesiology and anatomy while second chapter is about basic information. The description of circulatory system after these two chapters, is a new addition to this book. New ways of treatment in physical therapy and its related fields have been introduced which demand basic understanding and awareness of this system. Muscles and joints remain difficult because they grasp in complicated network because of this they become incomprehensible. But the quality of this addition that this is made conspicuously visible. Through this quality those assistant who are newbies they can internalize all that type of difficult network which has a a great part in human body. With best understanding of lymphatic and cardiovascular system students can perform best practice because both systems are known important for clinical point of view. For best treatment, know to about conditions of pathology is more necessary. All these conditions are illustrated in this book through which they can easily recognize about the forms of pathology. For clear conceptions, mostly book covers the number of chapters like that. The basic of kinesiology is emphasized in the book. After this, book tends towards those chapters which are only for self understanding. The meaning of these chapters is that reading order can be changed. Students can start to read about joint system form the end instead of the upper order. The other reason of importance of this book is review section which will prove more efficacious in their clinical practice. This review section has been provided to every chapter.

Instructions for instructor
With new techniques for assistant students this book also has an instructions for instructors. The explanation of every thing is not necessary for students. Because an excessive explanation can raise disadvantages for students and put them in difficulties just like the explanation of temporomandibular gait or joint. So this addition demands that concept of disciplinary studies should be omitted.

Main features of this addition
• Complicated functions of every part of body is described in comprehensive language
• Movement in body is made visible with colourful charts
• Concepts are made easy to understand with the technique of analogy
• An essential points can be fixed in mind through tables on which movements and acts of muscle are presented
• Almost 500 muscles and joints related latest colourful drawings for clarity
• The work of layers of muscles with other cooperative layers is made visible through more than 40 illustrations
• Mostly concepts are united through integration
• Every joint is reported individually with the help of chain activities
• Every part of body has an individual chapter for best understanding
• The advantages and order changes of every joint with other joints are discussed

Through this everyone can increase their knowledge for clinical exercise. Because any book cannot confront the knowledge of this book. The main core of this book is its simple and meaningful description through this assistant can easily understand of every concept.

Clinical Kinesiology & Anatomy by Lynn S.Lippert For Physiotherapists