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ThePhysiofitness is a website that helps to restore movements and functions when individual is affected by any type of injury, illness or disability. Basically physical therapy was established at the end of 19th century due to events that had left worldwide effects, which had done rapid advances in the field of physiotherapy.
Physiotherapists held meetings with individuals to prevent their mobility before it loss by developing fitness and wellness-developed programs for active and strong lifestyles, providing minute concentration to individuals to make their lifespan more than before. According to the circumstances where functions and movements stopped by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors there therapeutic treatment is provided. In addition, Physiotherapists work in all sectors of healthcare, which includes rehabilitation centers, public hospitals, sporting clubs private clinic, and community health centers. This website is specially designed for physiotherapists in Pakistan. It contains much more study stuff for Physiotherapy students. It also gives many ideas about this field; it gives many treatments for different diseases, health care ideas and exercise videos for rehabilitation. This website also contains many medical E-books for free download. As this website contains enough content that we provide personally that not copied from any other website. So we have copyright for this website. No one is allowed to copy our contents for other websites.