For the treatment of pain, the use of electricity is not new. Early proponents of energy have been categorised as charlatans, however current medical research have demonstrated that electricity can reduce each acute and continual ache. But the electrical stimulation’s beneficial effect of this precise mechanism stays controversial. Electrical stimulation may directly block transmission of pain alerts alongside nerves. In addition, electric stimulation has been proven to promote the discharge of endorphins, that are natural painkillers produced by way of the body.
Numerous exclusive electric stimulation devices exist, each producing one of a kind frequencies, waveforms, and results. Electrical modalities consist of
1-Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) (the most commonly used)
2-Galvanic Stimulation(GS)
3-Interferential Current(IFC)
Common Characteristics of Electrotherapy Stimulation
Nerves and muscles get electrical stimulation with the application of TENS, IFC and GS which take position at the skin through adhesive pads. Those devices are powered via batteries, and some devices get power with the use of adapters.
Aspect results are uncommon, however include allergic pores and skin inflammation underneath the adhesive pads and temporary ache from the electrical price. Putting the pads over the heart or over pacemaker leads ought to conceivably motive cardiac arrhythmia; putting them over the throat could conceivably reason low blood strain; and setting them over a pregnant uterus ought to conceivably motive fetal damage. Due to those dangers, electric stimulation should be restricted over those regions . Electrical stimulation need to also no longer be implemented over malignancies or inflamed areas.

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