Home remedies for getting shiny and long hair

Today, have a long and shiny hair is a wish of every girl and woman. Because it plays a great role in person’s enhancement. Anyone cannot look beautiful only with an outstanding makeup and gorgeous dress without perfect hairstyle. If your hair are rough, frizzy and dry then they cannot look beautiful with a beautiful hairstyle and also collapse to other adorable things.

Why does hair lose their beauty?
So many factors takes a part in the destruction of hair beauty just like poor diet, harmonal disorder, extra use of chemical based shampoos, less blood circulation in the scalp, and less use of hair oil. If anyone has problem one of them, can loss hair beauty. Hairs beauty along with long hair is coverable with home remedies these are numerous.


Eggs prove best because they cure not only from outer side but also from inner side. By adding a one egg in their daily routine you will get protein, will make your inner body strong and your inner health will appear on hairs. It is applicable for the both oily and dry hair with a short change. For dry hair, in a yolk, add one table spoon honey with two table spoon yougrt. And apply this after well mixing on your scalp for 30 minutes. For oily hair, make a mixture of egg white with other same ingredients with same quantity. Apply this mixture for 30 minutes and for washing use luke warm water. For normal hair, with same ingredients take whole egg. This mask will increase shine and health of your hairs. Use this in twice a week.

Coconut oil
Women in Nepal and in many other countries have been using from centuries for getting shine and length. It is well-known for dandruff and hair loss. It is effective for every type of hair. You can make idea about its effectiveness that nothing need to add in this for making mixture. Just take a some quantity in bowl and put in microwave for 30 seconds. Use your finger tips for massaging which will increase blood circulation. Accurate blood circulation will recover hair shine and hair roots will be enough strong. By drinking, coconut water you may improve your inner health which will raise your hair shine along with face shine.

Fenugreek seeds
For getting long hair these are perfect and is also a best treatment for hair loss. The use is easy. Take a 3 tablespoons of this and soak in water overnight. Before using, make a paste and apply. Use luke warm water for washing after 30 to 45 minutes.

Bananas are full of potassium because they are good for getting healthy hair. With the use of banana mask, natural shine and health can be gotten. For use, mash a banana and start application on hair from the roots and then cover whole hair. Let this for 15 minutes and then wash with chemical free shampoo. This is awesome treatment for damage and dry hair.

Conclusive remarks
You can prove your love for hairs with care because credible beauty is possible with energetic hairs. So enhance your beauty with this useful home remedies.