Nails importance
Nails play an essential part in beauty. If u wear fabulous and stunning rings but your nails are not in proper shape, colour or tone, will cut beauty of adorable things. Fair fingers and hand will remain zero in beauty. Because well shaped nails increase charm of unadorned fingers and hands. In meadical perspective, nails are the language of health. You can make idea of your health by nails colours. Bad health of nails can be alarm of different diseases like diabetes and kidney problem. Beautiful and healthy nails are not only a sign of good health but also look gorgeous with neat and long curve shape. How can u grow your nails and and how can u clean your nail it will discuss under the following discussion.
Nail cares

• Take a luke warm water and soak your hand for 20 minutes. If u want to file your nail then the use of warm water will soft your nail and this procedure will be easy
• Soft your hand by putting in luke warm water and then pour require quantity of any hand lotion on your hands and scrub your nail with sponge
• Rub your skin around the nail with drop of oil for 5 to 10 minutes and then clean your nail with any tool
• Trimming of nail is most important, if you trim nails in right direction then their growing speed will be low
• The right use of filer, is in one direction and dont file your nails daily otherwise it will damage your nail
• Clean out your nail daily by the use of tooth pic and after this let your nails for 15 seconds in luke warm water

Grow nailing
Well shape long nail increase beauty of hands. Every nail art looks decent on long nails. It elevates your adoring things. Every type of rings you can wear which will look more beautiful with shining long nail. But problem is this that some girl’s nails don’t grow which ruin their hands beauty. But they can grow their nails by using this easy and painless tip. Vinegar is known best for growing nail. Put some quantity of vinegar in a bowel and get your nail length by putting hand in this for 25 minutes and use dishcloth for drying them. After some time, wash them with any fragrant soap. Apply double coat of nail polish and coating should be smooth. With double coating your nails will look long.

Conclusive remarks
Hands are another language of conversation so make attractive to your hands by cleansing them with these above tips while increase beauty with the use of vinegar.

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