Obesity And Diet Control


What is obesity?
This disease is known as a second name of fat. The symptoms begin to reveal when person’s body is started to covered by layers of fat from every side. These layers create both in the inner side and outer side of body. Every part of visible body is started to increased in size which becomes the reason of distorted bodyshape. Here it is need to know that why man falls in this disease. In the following discussion , reasons of obesity will be discussed.

Reasons of obesity
An excessive eating is a main reason of obesity. When an excessive energy is not consumed through any hard exercise then it is converted into fat and body parts are increased in size.The other reason is about to less eating because of which man cannot get an accurate energy . There are numerous reasons of obesity which are following

• Those eating products which possess high fat just like fast food, white floor eating producets, soft drinks, meat and dairy products etc
• Poor life style because of which man cannot maintain eating time
• Some congenital habits tend towards obesity just like over eating, extra sleeping and too less drinking water
• Don’t be a part of any physical activity
• Extra addition of supplements in daily routine
• It happen because of genetic problems as well as disorder hormones
• Depression and stress are also a main reason of obesity
• Weak people fall in obesity because of energatic food which they use for gaining energy but an excessive energy takes a shape of fat in body

Is obesity curable?
Above reasons are created by man himself but it is curable. In this technical world multilateral strategies are available for weight loss programmes. For achieving success in wight loss, mostly ways are time demanding and time duration may be 3 to 6 months. But those who want to get rid in a brief period they adopt a surigical method in which unnecessary fat are taken out from body. After surgery, weight can be maintained with a help of diet. This expensive method may prove harmful for life because during surgery other problems can create in body. So other ways are mostly efficacious which are following

•Through physical activity extra fat can be reduced both from inner and outer body with an accurate metabolism system. It is possible with self assertion because it is time consuming programme and difficult as well.
•Balance calories are essential and an accurate number of calories is for man 2,500 and for woman 2000 in per day
•Low fat food is another essential requirement for just like natural drinks, wheat floor products and fresh vegetablets etc
• Use of those products on which quantity of fat and calories is mentioned by food companies
• Instead of elevators take a step through stairs
• Use of weight loss drugs with the instructions of physician
• Keep away yourself from stress and tension

With these instructions, everyone can get rid from obesity. Also those can reduce weight loss who say their gaining weight is genetic and it is also useful for children.