A Puppy Born Without Its Front Legs Was Left To Die Until Someone Found It

Everyone needs care and affection whether human or animals. And you will agree with me when I say that we are sent by the God to make this world a better place. But still, some people do not understand this little fact.
A few days back, a puppy was born without front legs, he was tied in a bag and left in a garbage bin to die. But thanks to two men who took the puppy home and contacted with the Dog Rescuers.
Now the puppy is recovering after his harsh introduction to life. Thanks to Dog Rescuers who named the puppy Cupid because of his heart-shaped nose and are helping him to recover.
Let us have a look at Cupid’s recovery who has already been through a lot.
This is Cupid the puppy who was born without front legs.

The puppy was brought to Dog Rescuers who are now treating his congenital disability.

But for now, Cupid has got new prosthetic legs.