Robbin’s Pathology

    Robbins pathology

Which about this?
As it is obvious from the name ” Robbins Pathology ” that its consist of a deep knowledge of pathology and basic puropse is enlightenment of meadical students. In this book each and every point has made illustrative for a clear conception of students.This book begins from the definition of pathology and then leads towards the conception. The discussion covers to both traditional and general meaning of pathology. This book has a detailed study about symptoms and also tells that how this disease effects the other organs of human body. The topics of pathogenesis and morphological changes have been discussed. The first two chapters of this book cover to conceptual discussion. The other chapters deal individually with other aspects just like how it effects on tissues and cells and all other things which are necessary to know about it. Then the chapters of this book turn towards the treatment of this disease. All advanced changes which relate to this disease have been discussed in this addition but emphasis is on the basics of pathology. The recent development in this field is targeted therapies which was understood through the molecular basis in previous years.

    Remarkable features of this book

The stunning features of this book are numerous
• Each sentence and each word is easily able to understand
• The selection of vocabulary is remarkable with great understanding
• Every concept has been made Clear with the use of pictures, charts and with other tools of art
• The functions of cells ,cell cycling system and a work of cancer genes is illustrated
• How system works in this disease, it is described through art
• The use of colours and an accurate formatting makes visible to every function
• For the better understanding of targeted therapies, targeted therapy boxes have been made
• This book consist of more than 1000 illustrations for better clarity

Why students will like this?
The understanding of basic of pathology was difficult for students but is not now. This has importance like a backbone for students. Students can easily understand with the help of experiments. This book is an essence for new students through which they can clear their concepts. For a facility of students, few pages have been added which are consist of summary portion. Students can use this in their cell phone as an application. This whole book is available on net which can be downloaded. It is available free of cost. This is a great feature of this book for students. The other thing in this, is the addition of art in the form of pictures which is attractive for students. This part will prove break through in their medical study. Before this book, experiments was difficult for them but now they can easily realize this art of science with pictures and experiments
This book’s addition is like a blessing for new medical students. They can get remarkable success in their career through the study of this book. It can be said without any doubt that its a great time for medical students.

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