Screw Home Mechanism of the Knee

The point of feature is screw home system of the knee. What is screw home component of the knee joint? Screw mean interior and outer revolution of tibia and femur. in open chain and close chain kinematics the interior and outside turn is called screw and home means most stable condition of knee joint which is in terminal augmentation while mean in full broadened position. what is open chain and close chain kinematics? Open chain kinematics implies when the distal piece of the moving appendage is allowed to move while the proximal part is altered. Also, close chain kinematics mean when the distal part is settled and proximal part is moving. What is the connection of open chain and close chain kinematics with screw home system.. In open chain kinematics amid last 20 degree expansion the tibia coasts inside and pivot remotely. while in close chain kinematics when tibia is settled femur moves back and turns inside.